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The Porsche Experience Center in Atlanta You Don't Have To Love CarsTo Love it

Updated: Apr 5, 2023

Wanna drive a Porsche and not spend $57,500 or more to do it? At the Porsche Experience Center Atlanta, you can get behind the wheel for the paltry sum of $450. If that's still too steep, there are simulators for much less dinero.

Porsche Experience Center Atlanta is a fantastic place to visit, no matter what level of car aficionado you are. You see, I am not that big a car guy. However, I was staying at a hotel across the street and decided to book some time at the Porsche center and walk around the joint.

You should do the same.

The cars on display in the Heritage Gallery are exquisite. There is a mellow brand of music setting the mood with happy, kind people ready to help you along your way.

The 1.6 mile Porsche track is next to the airport making for great visuals

The upscale Restaurant 356 was closed on the day I visited the center, so I ambled over to Carrera Café. I recommend eating outside where you can watch the Porsche drivers spin, sometimes literally, around d the track while airplanes from Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport leave and land right next door. It is quite the visual. The food was very good.

Word is the views from Restaurant 356 are just as stunning.

I booked the simulator for one hour and had a great time driving various Porsche models on tracks throughout the world. The best track was Daytona's International Speedway. That particular track has deep curves you really feel when turning into them.

The current list price for one hour on the simulator is $85. Thirty minutes bookings are also available.

Check their website for special programs, including on-track experiences for drivers as young as sixteen years old.

View the Heritage Gallery

View Test Track Drivers

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