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Kimpton Hotel Eventi In New York City

In March, I had the occasion to spend a few days in the New York Metropolitan area. That gave me the opportunity to stay one evening in Manhattan at my favorite hotel chain, Kimpton Hotels & Restaurants. Specifically, the Kimpton Eventi.

Like all Kimpton's, the Eventi is in a great location, 851 6th Ave. between W. 29 St. and W. 30 St., right next to Broadway, Madison Square Garden, the Empire State Building and Pennsylvania Station, to name a few of the nearby landmarks. The area is known as the Chelsea neighborhood.

Chelsea is Manhattan's art district, and the Kimpton brings the goods in that respect. So much so that I created a video about the art Eventi has on display. Go ahead and skip to the video now. Then come back and finish reading the hotel review. You don't want to miss what the hotel and accompanying restaurant are like.

Let's take a look at what's inside.

The front desk has an eclectic, funky design.

The folk at the front desk were super nice, but there was a glitch. I got to the hotel at 9:30 a.m. I was informed I would receive a text when my room was ready. To which, it appears, never happened.

Hours later, before going to visit family and friends, I swung by to see if my room was ready; it was. What happened to my text? It is a low probability that my room was ready at the exact moment I asked. Seems like they never sent the text. I know, I know, it could have been my phone, but if a text was sent, wouldn't they have apologized for the it not going through? Or at least made reference to it?

Be that as it may, I maintain the front desk folk were pleasant people, and I enjoy all that Kimpton has to offer. To wit, as I was getting my room card, they asked if they could arrange a car ride for when I checked out the next morning. I was headed to Long Island. A kind gesture and convenient service. I chose to Uber it.

Having my room a few hours earlier would have been nice; waiting it out in the bar, lobby and restaurant is by no means a hardship at the Eventi.

I've been to Kimpton's across the United States, to my knowledge, they do not own the restaurants within their hotels. I am not implying that all 68 Kimpton Hotels & Restaurants operate as sole proprietors; just relaying my experience.

At Eventi, there are three restaurants to choose from, L' Amico, Skirt Steak, and The Vine. They are all owned by Chef Laurent Tourondel. Mr. Tourondel has been a James Beard Award nominee on multiple occasions.

The Vine was the only one open for breakfast, in I went. It is a book-themed restaurant, with rope hanging from the ceiling for a vine effect that reminded me of a nautical vibe.

The wait staff was busily attentive. Though my waiter was professional, he was not too friendly. I reminded myself this is New York City; I was not in Florida anymore. (My first reminder of that was when I went to buy a banana at John F. Kennedy International Airport and was informed it would cost $2.99. I immediately put it back, suffering the shock of sticker price and the awe that there are humans walking planet earth who have enough disposable income to spend $3.00 on one banana, but I digress.)

I ordered the farmer's omelet. You get a choice of what goes in it from a list of 12 items. It is served with potatoes, toast and roasted tomato. I skipped the toast in favor of doubling the tomato. The omelet overflowed with vegetables. I savored a hint of parmesan cheese in those veggies. It was outstanding,

I'll give a nod to the challah french toast with cinnamon-caramelized apples. The health freak in me wouldn't allow such a thing on my plate. However, I bet it would be as delicious as the farmer's omelet.

Satisfied with my meal, still waiting for the 'room is ready' text that never came, I moved to the reading room couch area located just off The Vine's main dining room. A fireplace lit a warm glow as I sipped champagne and wrote. There the waiter had all the courtesies one expects at the Kimpton.

Once the room was ready, I upgraded to a suite for a mere $75 more. I believe the person at the front desk read the moment perfectly. A delay in getting my room, an open suite, and me being a Kimpton Karma member combined for the suggestion of an inexpensive upgrade.

That moment reflects well on Kimpton and how they train their employees. Of which, the bellhops were attentive and friendly. I had a great conversation at 4:30ish a.m. with one of the bellhops who loves rock n roll.

The suite I was in is the second tier of six they offer, ranging from 400 square feet to 1,685 square feet. I can safely say the latter must be breathtakingly beautiful because my 500-square-foot suite was amazing. The king-sized bed could not be more relaxing to lay in. There is a parlor, seating area, workspace, floor-to-ceiling windows and impeccable bathroom. The fully stocked mini-bar is outstanding, with a taste for every palate.

With the beginning of Covid, I have noticed a ratty look seeping into four-star hotels. One would think this comes from the labor shortage the lockdowns created. It is not the case at the Eventi. This hotel presents a stately, impeccable feel loaded with wonderfulness making it a must-stay in New York City.

The Kimpton Hotel Eventi is part of the InterContinental Hotels Group, aka IHG Hotels & Resorts. IHG has greater than 6,000 destinations worldwide, spread over 18 hotel brands.

A neat design at the Commack Hampton Inn; the coat rack is hidden behind the curtain.


A shocking shoutout to Hampton Inn Long Island/Commack. As a matter of convenience, I stayed there on the second night. The room size of 310 square feet felt bigger, was clean with a comfortable bed. The free breakfast is solid. I had eggs and yogurt. Other choices included oatmeal and waffles. There was an assortment of toppings and a lot of fruit. I was surprised to see organic sugar and happy to note a sign that offered assistance to guests with special dietary needs.

I have to leave you with this beautiful sunrise from the Commack Hampton Inn.

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