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Who Am I? 24601

Updated: Jan 26

Hi everybody!

Last week I kicked off blogging with post number one being about all the candidates for Volusia County Council. It has been viewed 177 times! Thank you!

In typical non-conformist fashion, my second blog, rather than my first, will be an introduction, who am I?

Let's start at the now. I am a freelance writer living in the Daytona Beach area with my girlfriend, Donna. It's awesome to be in Florida and with her! I spent almost 55 years living on Long Island, NY, great place but for the weather. I started writing when I lived there. That's why my social media is @chucklongisland.

Writing began because I had to if I wanted tenure at Long Island University-Brooklyn, NY. I met some awesome people there. A handful of academic articles and one book led me to try writing a novel and that led to freelancing with the Hometown News Volusia . I'll stop there, because, why drag it on? Besides, I gotta save something for the biopic. (JK!) But if you have a question, hmu.

These are a few of my favorite things that I am sure to blog on.

  1. Baseball

  2. Book Reviews

  3. Dining

  4. Music

  5. News

Check this to find out a little bit more!

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See ya soon!


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