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WICKED Thoughts On New LP Sunburn

Wicked has been grinding in the studio. Late last year, they released two singles from the LP Sunburn. Lost in the Dark and the title track, Sunburn.

Sunburn was released on March 1. What follows are excerpts of interviews I conducted with the band about the album. The latest interview is linked below.

Danny Martin (Bass, Backing Vocals)

One (song) that I'm super proud of is Summer and Sun. Which goes with the whole motif of this album, as you could see, but what the song is actually about is, last minute, when we were in the studio with Nacho (Molino) our engineer, we were sitting on the front porch just about done with all the songs to a certain extent. And I was playing on my phone a demo recording that I had. A song I wrote for my grandmother, who just recently passed, and if anybody knows anything about the band, she was the heart and soul of the Martin boys and all the boys. She was like the mother to all of us. So we actually were able to go back in before we were too far along and cut that track. It makes the album more than just any other album because now we're starting to say, like, let's be a little personable on some songs, too. 


Charles I. Guarria   

That sounds like it might be a ballad. 

Gunnar Coston (Drums)


Charles I. Guarria

What's the marketing for Sunburn?


We got a new team behind us. And we're super excited to be working with them. We've got, really, for the first time ever, all those different folks working those different angles, marketing, the whole nine. So we're just excited to see kinda how it rolls out the first go around.

Charles I. Guarria   

The sound on the album (Sunburn) what can people expect?  


It's gonna be completely different from what you expect. The songwriting has evolved. The quality of sound has improved. Just everything is; it's night and day.  


We really took another step when we got Nacho, our producer, sound engineer, on the team. He's really like a fifth Beatle. He doesn't really take us out of our bounds of who Wicked is or outside of the brand, but he supplements it so nicely. And you know, like Gunnar said, we're really evolving the sound and the writing. And like I kind of alluded to with some of those singles is, we're trying some different things too. We're stepping outside of the box a little bit with maintaining the Wicked brand that everybody knows and loves. So it's gonna be pretty exciting.  

Chad Michael Martin (Rhythm Guitar, Lead Vocals)

Wicked is maturing a lot with our sound. We are taking production and media to a completely new level. Finally, letting our creative process be fun. (He explained they are mixing power pop rock with 70s blues, pushing the rock scene in a direction that no one has seen.)


“We're keeping a theme with the music on this campaign for the Sunburn album. Each single has little characters that go along with it, which I think is cool. I haven't seen that in some time you know, you think back to Appetite for Destruction that little robot guy or Def Leppard. All these bands have these little characters, and you don't see that anymore, so we're trying to bring that back.”

WICKED begins touring March 24.

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Photo credit: Wicked Social Media



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