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Gunshine Sets Plans for 2024

Updated: Jan 13

When the curtain rises at the Peabody Auditorium in Daytona Beach on Jan. 19, Gunshine lead guitarist Austin Ingerman will be performing in the town of his birth.

"It’s definitely really cool,” Mr. Ingerman said. “We got a lot of family around that area. My uncle owns a bunch of restaurants in Daytona Beach and it's going to be cool to see the grandparents and a bunch of different family.”

But it is more than a homecoming for Mr. Ingerman. It’s Gunshine’s first step of the new year on a journey geared towards capitalizing on last year’s momentum. Which included the release of the EP Checkmate, touring as a headliner and opening multiple gigs for Buckcherry and Steel Panther.


What follows the Jan. 19 concert? “We're gonna do a lot of singles this year. That's kind of my plan of attack,” Mr. Ingerman explained in a phone interview. He said the idea is to “keep the iron hot and just release a lot of new music.”


Releasing singles throughout the year, instead of a full-length LP or EP, is borne of a feeling Mr. Ingerman has that many haven’t heard “some of the songs we're super proud of,” such as Annihilation and Till the End of Days. “I think that's the way to go right now,” he said. “It kind of makes the most sense to do one song at a time to let each song really have their moment.”


The first single, titled What's Done is Done, is scheduled for a February release.

Gunshine is also jumping back into touring in 2024. “We're probably going to shoot to do a lot of headlining tours this year,” Mr.Ingerman explained. “Unless it's a support tour that really, you know, makes a lot of sense for us.”

Touring with bands that have been in the business for multiple decades, as Gunshine did with Buckcherry and Steel Panther, certainly makes a lot of sense. “They’re definitely really cool people, Mr. Ingerman said of both groups. "I think it's just good to see how they are day in and day out. Just how they conduct themselves backstage. They're very routine oriented.” Mr. Ingerman gave props to Buckcherry and Steel Panther for being “Class acts. Very humble."

The headliner for the Jan. 19 Daytona Beach show is ex-Cinderella lead singer/guitarist Tom Keifer. His solo band is Tom Keifer’s #Keiferband.  Originally, advertisements had Pretty Boy Floyd on the bill as well. However, that appears to have changed. I have reached out to Pretty Boy Floyd to confirm they will not be playing that evening and will report back when they respond.

(Update: On Jan. 11, Pretty Boy Floyd responded to inquiry, "Yeah not on it.")

As for Gunshine, they have some songs they plan to release this year in the can ready to go and “some half-finished,” Mr. Ingerman said. “But we work fairly quickly. So, I think we're going to kind of just do things as we go.” That might also include releasing some live material. Meaning fans at the Peabody should get ready to get loud.

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