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The Curious Case of Joe Biden & His Friends

Updated: Nov 27, 2023

There's something happening here; what it is, is perfectly clear.

Dirty politics.

An attempt, yet again, by the Democratic Party and their political allies to fix their primary. Just like the DNC did in 2016 for Hillary Clinton when Bernie Sanders was closing in on her.

Of course, she lost to Donald Trump in the presidential election. I suppose for the DNC if at first you don't succeed, try, try again.

But this time, it seems a vast left-wing contingent is in on the game.

Let's start with the DNC.

In February, news came that the DNC had moved the Democratic South Carolina primary to be their first party contest of the political season. Bucking the Iowa caucus from the top spot and moving aside the New Hampshire primary, traditionally the number two-party contest.

The move was a suggestion made by President Biden to have a more racially diverse state go first.

Well, that's what he'd like us to believe.

See, Mr. Biden's 2020 primary campaign was in freefall as he tumbled and stumbled his way through Iowa and New Hampshire that year. His reversal came in South Carolina.

And now he suggests South Carolina should be first in the nation.

Is this about racial diversity or fixing the primary to make himself look good from the start?

I think we know the answer.

Let's move on to Mr. Biden's biggest challenger coming from the Republican side, Donald Trump. For the record, I am not a MAGA guy.

However, it strikes me as odd that Mr. Trump has inflated the value of his properties in New York City for decades, but only now has the state put him on trial.

This isn't to say that President Biden is using New York State Attorney General Letitia James to knock out his biggest opponent. But it is conceivable that someone within the Biden administration may have indicated to Ms. James to go after Mr. Trump at this time.

Also odd is how Mike Pence and Donald Trump both took home confidential documents and which one is up on charges? Mr. Trump.

So, it's all a coincidence that Mr. Trump is put on trial when he is beating Mr. Biden in the polls? Um, no. Not a coincidence.

As an aside, President Biden also took home classified documents, when he was vice-president. I have not heard any talk of him being indicted when his time in office is completed. (It is difficult to indict a sitting president, from what I understand. That's a rabbit hole for another day.)

Lastly, we have the interesting development of the Biden Administration denying Robert F. Kennedy's request for Secret Service protection.

By no means do I think Mr. Biden wants Mr. Kennedy dead. The Biden team knows, as we all do, that Mr. Kennedy can afford security on his own that will be almost as good as anything the Secret Service can provide.

So then, what is the issue?

Every dollar that Mr. Kennedy has to spend on security is one less dollar he can use on campaigning. How many fewer ads, mailings, and campaign stops does that come to?

Denying Secret Service protection is a Machiavellian move by Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas to diminish a candidate who could very well pull enough votes from Mr. Biden to allow the Republican nominee to win.

Or, the way some polls are going lately, perhaps JFK Jr. can pull off a third-party win?

The world is full of kings & queens who blind your eyes & steal your dreams. ~Heaven and Hell~Black Sabbath~

Photo Credits: All About Vision, Business Insider

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