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Simply because it was the right thing to do

Updated: Jul 5, 2022

You should always do what your inner voice tells you is the right thing to do.

Freestyle Footballer Caitlyn Schrepfer and Jordi Mestre, head of communications for the WFFA, did something this weekend simply because it was the right thing to do.

Hours after they had left day one of Daytona Soccer Fest, I was on the phone with Mr. Mestre arranging an email interview with Ms. Schrepfer. through a series of emails and this one phone call.

In that phone call, Mestre and I quickly confirmed the questions I would like to ask Ms. Schrepfer if only I didn't have to cover a concert in just a few minutes.

He promised he'd have her answers to me before deadline. He did. The good news is, as I type this, that article is one of the most popular on the Hometown News Volusia website. The bad news is only one quote made the article.

Caitlyn Schrepfer in the qualifying round WFFA U.S. Open. Photo courtesy of WFFA/Shane Malcolm

Herewith is the interview in its entirety.

Q. How do you feel about participating in the first WFFA US Open?

Caitlyn Schrepfer: I’m incredibly excited to participate! I believe it’s a great opportunity for the growth of the Freestyle Football scene in the USA; there are not many opportunities for local freestylers to compete against international athletes, so battling against top-class players from all around the world will no doubt help in increasing the level of American freestylers.

Q. What do you think about the Daytona Soccer Fest?

Caitlyn Schrepfer: I think it’s really cool to have a soccer-themed event that includes so many different activities: Freestyle Football, teqball… I believe it proves that there are lots of nuances, of different disciplines involving a football. I love it!

Q. What’s your opinion on the idea of having a US Open?

Caitlyn Schrepfer: The concept is incredible! It encourages freestylers from all around the world to come to the US, and that helps increase the level and variety of the tricks —even the perspective itself of the freestylers changes! If this continues, it will definitely lead to an upswing in Freestyle Football in the whole country.

Q. How do you like Daytona and Florida as a location for the event?

Caitlyn Schrepfer: I do have to say, Daytona was initially not my first pick, especially for international freestylers… but I really like to discover new locations, and the race track is so cool for a Freestyle Football event! I could do with a bit less rain maybe, but people here are super friendly and so far it’s been an absolutely awesome experience. Being from California, I do better in warm climates than cold ones, so for me this location is awesome!

Q. What are your expectations for the Finals tomorrow? Do you think you can win the tournament?

Caitlyn Schrepfer: I’m very much excited for the finals tomorrow! I had a great time at the qualifiers today, but as a freestyler what I’m always looking forward to is the battles. It’s always fun to battle local girls, but it’s also amazing to have international battles, so I’m really thrilled for the opportunity. Regarding winning… well, I do think I have a shot at it, so I’m really hoping for the best!

Hope no more Ms. Schrepfer.

Today she won the first ever WFFA U.S. Open Championship! Congratulations and a special thank you for taking the time to answer my questions well after your day was done.

Football Freestyler Caitlyn Schrepfer

Photo courtesy @caitfreestyle

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