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Kimpton Fitzroy London Hotel

Updated: Jul 30, 2023

Many of my followers are aware of how much I love Kimpton Hotels & Resorts by IHG. For the past 13 years, I have traveled all over the United States, making the upper, upper-class chain my first choice for overnight stays, including my nephew's wedding at the Kimpton Hotel Monaco in Pittsburgh.

So when it came time for Donna and me to plan our London trip, there was only one hotel we had in mind that would satisfy after a great day sightseeing the Big Smoke. That would be the Kimpton Fitzroy London Hotel.

It did not disappoint us.

Kimpton Fitzroy London Hotel front view photo courtesy IHG Hotels

But is it your style? Let me count the ways we liked it, some things that didn't go so well, and then you can add up if this is a place you'd like to stay.

The Kimpton Fitzroy is located in the Russell Square area of London. In one direction, it is but a mile and a half from hot spots such as Covent Garden, Piccadilly Circus, and the West End. While the other direction offers an interesting residential neighborhood that is indicative of London's heart and soul. The neighborhood offers a less touristy vibe including a mom-and-pop Italian restaurant, a pub, a stop for the Tube, and convenience stores. A real feel of how the locals live.

There is a park across the street from the hotel, also named Russell Square, replete with a café and lawns that serve well for lounging or a picnic. The park is a must-walk for those looking to get in some physical activity.

It would be remiss not to mention the hotel is barely a mile from one of the best afternoon teas in the city at the Savoy.

The Kimpton Fitzroy does not fall short in its own offerings of tea, other drinks, and food. Complimentary tea and finger food (was it a cake?) in the morning and the well-loved free wine in the early evening are always welcomed.

There is also Galvin Bar & Grill. An open to the public restaurant that has an entrance from the Kimpton Fitzroy London Hotel. We delighted in the high-end all-you-can-eat buffet dining experience.

Galvin Bar & Grill photo courtesy of the restaurant

Each morning, the restaurant offered a complete English breakfast as well as breads, charcuterie, Danish, fruit, all sorts of granola, muesli and yogurt. You may order off a menu if buffet breakfast dining isn't your thing.

Whatever your breakfast desire is, it all goes well with their selection of tea (Taylors of Harrogate pure green tea was amazing), coffee and juices.

I highly recommend not skipping the charcuterie, breads and Danish. I sampled a fruit-filled Danish. The fruit was just the right amount, not overstuffed or oozing out, wrapped in a flakey pastry shell.

Their dinner rivals the breakfast. Donna had the lamb, me the Scottish salmon. Both were excellently prepared. The New York rose champagne was spot on.

Galvin has many establishments throughout London. We didn't get to them, but I am betting they are equally as good.

Burr & Co. London is the Kimpton Fitzroy's own "coffeehouse by day and wine bar by night," according to their website. It basically serves the same menu as Galvin Bar & Grill with more of a family feel (read that as less fancy pants). We went there once, it's nice, but not our style. If you want panache, you want Galvin.


Fitz's cocktail bar leans towards Galvin Bar & Grill in atmosphere and friendliness of the staff. Each evening, I would stop by to grab a port wine. After day one, they knew who I was and what I wanted.

About the room, it was perfect in a lot of ways. I've never been in a dirty or stained Kimpton room. Our room was immaculate. The bed and pillows are top-notch in comfort. We loved the towel heating rack in the bathroom. However, the shower design is flawed. A lot of water spills into the main area of the bathroom.

Some of the weak links at Kimpton Fitzroy.

Their laundry service. It took a good 90 minutes to get laundry bags to our room. They also lost our laundry. Still, even then, when they lost our laundry for a day, the front desk personnel were earnest, friendly, and truly concerned about getting to the bottom of the matter, which they did.

Overall, the room was a little tight for two. We had a queen premium room. The size of the room checks in at 258 square feet. By comparison, that is a little bit bigger than the average cruise ship cabin with a balcony. We made it work.

The gym is also a little tight, but gets the job done.

To sum.

The decor, hospitality, and restaurants are as good as anyone can expect.

The people at the Kimpton Fitzroy London Hotel are amazingly friendly and personable. They not only help in every way they can but take the time to talk to you, remember you from one day to the next, even remembering where you are from.

From the second we got out of the cab, and a bellhop raced down the stairs to get our luggage, delivering it to our room, to the moment we checked out, the service was great.

The personalized service of the hotel, bar, and restaurant staff make Kimpton Fitzroy London Hotel one of the best of the many Kimpton's I've had the pleasure of checking into.

Check this slideshow for the Kimpton Fitzroy vibe

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