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Florida Sheriff Bans the Daytona Beach News Journal

Updated: Oct 5

Today, we learned of the upsetting news that Volusia County Sheriff Mike Chitwood banned the Daytona Beach News-Journal from a press conference. In my opinion, this is an abdication of his duties as sheriff.

When sworn in, a part of the oath Florida sheriffs take is to defend the United States Constitution.

Because the News Journal was critical of Mr. Chitwood, he has decided to infringe on their right of free speech. Note: infringe does not mean stop. However, this was a petty move by Mr. Chitwood.

In short, he has let the personal get in the way of the professional. What are We The People to think? That he is tough enough to be in law enforcement for 35 years but crumbles when some ink on a piece of paper is critical of him?

He isn't the first elected official to ban the press. Recently, President Biden and his predecessor, President Trump, did as well.

The electorate is partly to blame for this infringement on the press. If we keep electing or re-electing people who flout the Constitution, they'll keep running.

That is something to think about when Mr.Chitwood runs again in 2024.

"The freedom of the press, as one of the great bulwarks of liberty, shall be inviolable."

~James Madison~


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