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Does pharma solve health problems or service them

The pharmaceutical industry consistently ranks near the bottom when it comes to favorability in the United States. The results of an August 2021 Gallup poll showed only the oil and gas industry and the federal government were disliked more. The federal government had the dishonor of being dead last.

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One of the knocks consistently thrown at pharmaceutical companies is that they do not want to solve medical issues. They want to service them.

The rationale is, if the health issue is solved then the customer goes away. If pharma services health problems, gets the people well enough to function as long as they are taking drugs, then they got the customer coming back again and again.

Recently, I discussed this topic with people in the medical profession.

Being that I was interviewing them on another matter and asked for curiosity's sake, I am going to keep them anonymous.

Here are the responses from the two who commented.

Interviewee One: "That would have to be some grand conspiracy conspiracy between every pharmacological company in the entire world. They all want to solve the problem. And that doesn't mean that there's no customers because guess what? We're putting more people on the planet every day. People are getting sicker. People are getting older, that will happen whether we cure every one of these diseases. And there are a lot of diseases that can really be, I won't say cured, but prevented. Heart disease, diabetes, COPD, if people didn't eat junk, didn't smoke, and got exercise. So the notion that pharma wants to keep people sick, I think that makes great for conspiracy talk. The human body is so complex that you (would) have to understand ever single facet of every single system and how it interplays to purposely not want to fix something."

Interviewee Two: "And it's funny too, when we're talking big pharma, right? There's all these little tiny biotech's, now what happens is somebody, maybe they used to be in a big pharma, says I can do this for myself. And they'll they'll find a compound maybe that's been forgotten about or they just discovered one that's being developed that they think is better than what big pharma is doing. And they'll get some money to invest in that company and they want to beat that pharma company. So that means they're going to be knocking that disease out of the ballpark. Then they're going to take down that big pharma company and they're going to develop that drug."

Here you have two opinions from people in the medical industry who debunk the idea that the pharmaceutical industry creates customers, not cures.

In the interest of full disclosure, they work with pharmaceutical companies and may (or may not) have a positive bias towards the industry. I did not get the impression that they did. I would not dismiss that they might, as that would be naïve.

One more thing to throw into the mix, it was only two people's opinions.

That leads me to you. Are you in the profession? Know someone who is? Please leave a comment as to what you/they think the pharmaceutical industry's ultimate goal is, solving health problems or servicing them.

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