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Samantha Fish: A whole 'nother level of great

Updated: Mar 20, 2023

This April 7 event was a tale of surprises, half-truths and things not known. (Half-truths are lies, aren't they?)

Anyway, let's get this out of the way; if you have not heard of Samantha Fish, you will be surprised to know she is one of the best guitarists you will ever hear.

Bonus, she has an uncanny ability to hold a note.

A half-truth can be found in the email sent by Hard Rock Live before the show. It contained the line, "this is a full capacity show." Kinda makes it sound like a sellout. Yes?


The entire balcony of the two-level 3,000-seat venue was closed off. If the seats aren't for sale, they don't count when figuring a sellout-full capacity show.

What you may not know is, this is a trick played by the promoter or venue to make the tour or show seem more successful.

The orchestra was pretty full but didn't appear to be sold out. Smaller crowds always affect the atmosphere of a live event.

Very cool of Samantha Fish to head straight to her merch both to talk to fans after her gig.

It seemed most in the long line that waited to speak with her elected to not go back to their seats for Jimmie Vaughan.

Methinks Jimmie Vaughan has to rethink the size of the venues he is playing. It matters.

On to the concert and something that I didn't know, that would be the setlist. Sorry, Sam fans, I relied on the interwebs for that, and it is nowhere to be found. (Update! Eight days after posting this, I have the setlist thanks to Michael Shannon. Bulletproof, Loud, Twisted Ambition, Kill Or Be Kind, Watch It Die, Better Be Lonely, Dream Girl, Black Wind Howlin.)

Photo Courtesy Richard Gandara

Ms. Fish was dressed all in red, from head to toe. The rest of her excellent band had red somewhere on their body, including the drummer who sported cool-looking red hair.

Opening with Bulletproof, a killer song, was a great choice to set the tone. Samantha Fish is the rock side of the blues, especially live. I love her in-studio; live was a whole 'nother level of great.

Check Black Wind Howlin' to see what I mean.

Her playing is top-notch. Unleashing some Santana vibes that I would love to see her capture on an lp.

Keeping the crowd banter to a minimum, she prefers to mix her music with classy femineity and a large helping of rock star attitude. If you can't see how that is possible, then you have to see Samantha Fish.

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