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Catching Up With The Verve Pipe

There is a core of bands that I will do anything to see when they come to the Daytona Beach-Orlando area. The Verve Pipe is one of those bands. However, they don't come this way that often.

When the tour with Five for Fighting was announced, seeing no Florida dates to be had. I decided I would go to them. Specifically, the August show in Peachtree City, Georgia,

It was a great performance! I'm not the most reliable person when it comes to getting or memorizing a setlist, but with a selection of songs that goes from the old Vere Pipe to the new material and a few covers, or bits of covers thrown in as the spice, they are always worth the trip.

Guitarist and lead singer Brian Vander Ark was in excellent voice, playing with high energy throughout the show. I've had the pleasure of having Brian perform one of his Lawn Chairs and Living Rooms home concerts. He played Van Halen's Ice Cream Man with my nephew's band. That very moment shows the type of person Brian is, as he did not have to do that. Brian was there for his own set but sat in with my nephew's band. It was a very classy move.

Brian's bother, Brad Vander Ark, is back with the band after a bit of a hiatus. He had the rock star

vibe going on strong as he stalked across the stage.

It is awesome to see him! Brad left the band in 2001. Living in New York City, he turned to graphic design while continuing to work as a musician, including at least once joining Brian onstage in Manhattan when Brian's solo tour came through The Big Apple. Brad moved back to his home state of Michigan in 2005. Eventually starting his own social media marketing firm, Distant Bird. These are but a few of the things he has done over the years. This dude keeps busy!

But it doesn't stop there.

In conversation after the show, Brad spoke of his most important job; raising his children.

As fun as the evening was, as good as the band sounded, one person was missed. Lead guitarist Lou Musa.

Unfortunately for Lou, he "slipped and fell" while the band toured through Pennsylvania in July. The mishap led to "breaking my mandible in half and both sides of (my) jaw." he posted on his Facebook page. "I also had some small facial fractures and chipped a couple teeth." He had surgery, was out a little more than two weeks, then came back for the final weeks of the tour, playing with this mouth wired shut. I tip my cap to a pro's pro.

His friend, Justin Dore, rushed to meet the band so that the shows could go on and did a fantastic job. "It's been an awesome experience," Justin exclaimed as we kibbitzed near the merch booth.

Vocalist and Verve Pipe co-writer Channing Lee killed it when she sang Alanis Morissette's You Oughta Know. Channing has been a great addition to the band since she came onboard in 2014. She co-wrote all the songs with Brain on The Verve Pipe's latest album, Threads.

Randy Sly on keys and Zach Dubay on drums fill out the sound perfectly.

Peachtree City sits about 35 minutes southwest of Atlanta's Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport. It is affectionally known as The Fred. The 2,500-seat venue is beautifully laid out with lawn seating, table seating and a friendly staff.

If you are new to The Verve Pipe, listen to some of their stuff.

For specifics on songs played on the tour with Five for Fighting, click here.

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See ya soon!

(Photos: All came from social media except Zach Dubay which was taken by me .)



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