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Buckcherry Live With Passion

Updated: Sep 19, 2022

On February 6 I had the great pleasure to see Buckcherry in a venue I had not been to before, Henry's Depot in Sanford, Florida.

I consider Buckcherry to be one of the best touring bands in rock. I love the pomp that KISS and Alice Cooper bring but for bare bones, stripped down, rock n roll they are tied for first as a must see.

Folk not familiar with all their material will be interested to know that they have some really good mellow tunes such as Sorry It isn't all Crazy Bitch type material.

Billy Rowe

Before the show I was walking around Henry's Depot and ran into their lead guitarist, Billy Rowe. He was sitting down to eat, I said hi, told him how much I like his work, we shook hands and then I went on my way so he could eat in peace. He was very polite and cordial.

All the raunchiness and brass tacks you expect, rather, love about Buckcherry was in full swing this evening. The well attended crowd was was right there with them despite the outdoor concert happening on an unusually cold Florida evening.

The setlist was a good mix of old and new. They opened with 54321 off of their recent release, Hellbound The high energy show reached peaks with Lit Up, Sorry, and of course, Crazy Bitch. As per usual they extended Crazy Bitch and threw in some Jungle Boogie and Proud Mary, before ending the song with the beginning of KISS' Love Gun. (Once I saw them extend this song by throwing in Get Down Tonight by KC and the Sunshine band, that was awesome!)

Some technical difficulties Core, one of the openers, had were ironed out by the time Buckcherry came on. Core was very good. In a brief post concert conversation with their lead singer, guitarist Chris Lorio, I learned they are mostly from Texas. I will be following up on their stuff.

Henry's Depot is a nice place, reminiscent of New York City's Chelsea Market or Atlanta's Ponce City Market. I will definitely be back.

Chris Lorio

You might be asking, 'why the live with passion' title?' It is a theme that has run through the

years with Buckcherry. Lead singer Josh Todd reminded the audience to be safe, be passionate and be true to your art. I agree, 100%.

Next up for the band is a rock cruise then a spring tour with the legend, Alice Cooper

My recommendation? Check them out, Buckcherry will not disappoint.

Please like, comment, and share. See ya soon! Josh Todd


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