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Angel and Zebra an Unbeatable Twin Bill

Updated: Apr 6, 2022

Two iconic bands continue to bring the heat as masters in rock n roll. Angel and Zebra teamed up to play the venerable Arcada Theatre in the Chicago suburb of St. Charles on March 18.

Angel has an incredibly loyal fanbase that is as much a community as what one finds amongst Grateful Dead fans.

For instance, it is not uncommon for Angel fans to drive for hours or fly halfway around the world to see them live.

This loyalty meant Angel music was released in every format that became available despite only one new record over many decades.

A reunion happened shortly after lead singer Frank Dimino, and lead guitarist Punky Meadows received critical acclaim for solo albums in 2015 and 2016, respectively.

The new version of Angel is a six-piece lineup. New players Danny Farrow Anniello on rhythm guitar, Steve E. Ojane on bass, Billy "the beast" Orrico on drums, and Charlie Calv stroking the keys stay true to the old sound while adding a twist here or there that brings a freshness to Angel classics.

Wearing all white, their trademark, Angel is announced to an enthusiastic crowd that readily sings along at Frank Dimino's asking. All the years are beautifully covered with songs such as, On The Rocks, The Fortune, Feelin' Right, Cast the First Stone, We are the Wild, Wild and Hot, and Tower.

Zebra is very much a band that would have had more success in the 1970s. The New Orleans natives broke big on Long Island, NY in the '80s, received some notice on MTV but were miscast in a generation that was gearing up for hair metal rock.

Nevertheless, if you like the Led Zeppelin sound, who doesn't, then you will love Zebra. In fact, they will often play a Zeppelin set after finishing their own material.

The Zebra classics are phenomenal, As I Said Before, Take Your Fingers From My Hair, Tell Me What You Want, Wait Until the Summers Gone, and Who's Behind the Door never disappoint.

A good reporter never injects themself into a story but this is my blog so I am breaking that rule. :) I have been a fan of Angel since 1977 and a Zebra fan since before they had a record contract. I have spoken to current and former members of Angel many times and once ran into Danny Farrow Anniello at a KISS convention. They are super nice people and I am lucky that they tolerate yours truly.

It is that kindness that sets the tone keeping alive the strong Angel community I referenced earlier.

By all means, see either Angel or Zebra when they roll into town. You will not be disappointed.

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