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I blog on all sorts of stuff, check it out!

Orlando Voyager Magazine

Fun interview about being a freelance writer.

Christopher Galvez Author Interviews

You might have hit cntrl+find then search my name.

California Lawyers Association

Talk libraries & my book Proposition 13: America's Second Great Tax Revolt


The Conversation with Dr. Ardain Isma

We talk about my books, where to eat in Daytona Beach and some USA history. 

MINDFULNESS WITH ROOP - The Bellwether Series with Charles Guarria

Advise for new writers, journalism, books, and fitness!

Sebastian Hidalgo Interview.  

We talk writing, relationships, the rock life, COVID and more!

Abracadabra Podcast -

Author to Author with Charles Guarria: Impeccable Research

Success Insight Podcast

Writing and Proposition 13: America's Second Great Tax Revolt

Library Pros

We talk libraries and Proposition 13: America's Second Great Tax Revolt

Promo Clip

Reviews Of My Book

Tennessee Library Association 

This book should be included in collections on the resilience of libraries and in any academic collection focusing on information and library science.

Pacific Northwest Library Association

Guarria does a great job connecting these details to the real impact on libraries in California, as well as connecting the case of California with the rest of the nation.


4.33 rating...well-researched...Guarria's conclusion still rings true...

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